Your one-stop shop for global

Your one-stop shop for global geospatial data


We source, process, and deliver geospatial datasets, empowering you to make better business decisions
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Why Echo ?

Unlock the power of advanced geospatial data to gain a critical understanding of your surroundings, customers, and current market trends.

Expand your reach

75M+ locations worldwide
95%+ Polygon Coverage
Activity Data across all 195 countries

Opt for quality

We employ a vigorous cleaning process and leverage our proprietary algorithm for data structuring.

Skip to insights

We aggregate terabytes of data into light & powerful data files, so you don't have to.

Power better business outcomes.

Identify, locate, and interpret any area of interest.
Become more proactive. Make more confident decisions. Decrease expenses.
Contextualize 75M+ global locations with critical defining attributes like brand, category, full address, and opening hours, to name a few.

Explore the “who” behind the “what” to appeal to multiple industry needs.
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Leverage satellite imagery & machine learning to understand your surroundings to a granular level.

Construct a full unobstructed view with no blurred edges to define the most precise boundaries of any location.
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Analyze the latest trends, behaviors, and patterns to interpret (or measure) visitor frequency.

Understand consumer activity & unlock evolving market demands.
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With real-world mobility data, GeoPersona is setting a new standard for audience segmentation.

Say goodbye to inefficient segmentation methods and embrace a better way to uncover audience insights.
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Location SDK
Optimize your mobile app with a highly accurate, battery efficient SDK.

Reliability features built in, including offline tracking, always-on tracking, and mock location prevention.
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Data solutions across industries.

Drive retail success
Analyze consumer journeys, gather competitive intelligence, and optimize site selection. Echo enables proactive companies to outperform the competition.
Identify the best store location
Gain an edge on your competition
Boost customer loyalty
Win your lease renegotiation
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echo analytics for retail
Capitalize on consumer insights
Leverage location intelligence and mobility insights to target the right audience at the right place. Echo enables you to optimize ad spend and ensure a high campaign ROI.
Generate consumer demand
Drive store traffic
Optimize your ad strategies
Measure campaign effectiveness
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AdTech image showing spread of target customers
Optimize your point of sale system
Analyze POS foot traffic, consumer preferences, and visit patterns. Champion demand sensing, improve customer engagement, and optimize your supply chain.
Eliminate guesswork
Quantify halo and cannibalization effects
Maximize location profitability
Grow your market reach
Explore the industry
Map showing how to pick your next location for your store depending on foot traffic of a city
Fast-track your customer experience
Improve predictive analyses, streamline decision-making, and increase consulting efficiency. Drive smarter business outcomes in less time and with fewer resources.
Leverage verified data
Boost performance
Enrich your datasets
Make better decisions
Explore the industry
Map showing the marketing and sales performance of a POI
Deliver valuable insights
Echo’s datasets are reliable, accurate, and precise, allowing you to apply our data in relevant client scenarios, ensuring your client solutions will make an impact.
Identify optimal sites
In-depth insights on target audiences
Enhance customer experience
Analyze the market landscape
Explore the industry
consulting on finding the best location
Contextualize consumer analyses
Use location-based surveys for target audiences, recruit more efficiently for panels and qualitative research, and inform predictive analytics.
Target customer segments
Enrich your datasets
Provide additional context
Gather location-based insights
Explore the industry
footfall around places

A word from our customers.


"We've been through a thorough sanity check process to select our POI data provider and Echo Analytics's got it all!

We are extremely happy with this partnership as their data is as good as their service: really premium!"

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Nicolas Saraiva


"Our challenge was to find mobility data that seamlessly integrates with our users' GIS workflows.

Echo Analytics, which provides a database of businesses and stores enriched with mobility analysis, was the ideal solution."

Jaime Neves

Data & Location Services

"We needed POI data that was as granular as possible, regularly updated, and with detailed categorization, that allowed us to build vertical-level solutions"

miq logo

Vidya Ravisundar

Senior Product Manager
BMG Research

Echo gave us exactly what we needed: just that high-quality footfall data, which was highly useful to us.

With dedicated service.

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Alex Thomson

Research Executive
Groundlevel Insights

We were unhappy with one of our major providers and set out to look for alternatives, evaluating a number of different providers. With Echo, we achieved at least 20% increase in quality of data.

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Asif Khan

Founder & CEO

Make better decisions with Echo.

Empower your business with Echo location intelligence today

Frequently asked questions.

We are already working with another data provider, how difficult is it to switch?

We offer a hassle free switch from your existing provider. 
Also, with Echo, you can effortlessly integrate Echo datasets into your existing ones. Keep your taxonomies, get new POIs!

I can create my own data set of POIs using the free Open Street Map. Why do I need you?

Yes, OSM is a free source. However, do consider the hidden costs in dealing with the data overwhelm and making data usable: your lost time and spent resources.
At Echo, we do the heavy lifting so you get clean and updated data that’s curated, quality-checked, and deduplicated, preventing any data vandalism often incurred with OSM.

How do you manage existing data bias, and how does your data accurately represent diverse populations or perpetuate existing biases and inequalities?

We understand the biases & inequalities most datasets face and how that makes it difficult for companies to gain meaningful insights. To counter this, we at Echo have some of the smartest people in the field to work on these challenges. We carefully select and correct our data sources to ensure that they represent the population, are consistent, trustworthy, and provide enough samples to remain statistically significant.

We can't use the data without visualization, what are your solutions?

At Echo, data is our focus.
100% of our resources are invested in creating reliable data products, not visualizations. This helps us keep delivering the best possible data quality.
However, Echo has numerous partnerships (both paid and unpaid) so our clients can get the visualization they need in seconds.