Audience Segmentation Based on Real-World Mobility Patterns.

GeoPersona offers a deeper, more reliable understanding of consumers' intent, with non-PII, real-world data. This enables marketing teams to better target audience segments and uncover valuable behavior insights.

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Uncover Intent, Beyond Interest.

With real-world mobility data, GeoPersona is setting a new standard for audience segmentation. This coincides with the rapidly changing landscape of data collection:

  • Third-party cookies are being phased out, limiting the collecting of online data.
  • Offline data collection, like surveys, continue to be challenged by reliability.

Beyond necessity, we’ve built GeoPersona as a means to measure not just interest, but intent.

Say goodbye to inefficient segmentation methods and embrace a better way to uncover audience insights.

Visual showing a neighborhood highlighted with relevant data in a popup, that includes postcode, name of the postcode, inhabitants, purchasing power per inhabitant, and index benchmarks
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Better Audience Insights.

Leveraging our consumer mobility data, we observe patterns to create segments based on where people actually go, allowing you to segment by:
Brand Affinity
Household Income
Purchasing Power
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Real Insights, Based on Real Data.

Eliminate guesswork, discover the power of using data to gain real insights into your audience and your physical market.
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Audience Segmentation

Discover rich insights into specific personas, like where they live and where they spend time. Run comparative studies between persona groups, uncovering a deeper understanding of your audiences.
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Postal Code Analysis

Unveil who lives and interacts in different parts of a city by exploring specific postal codes. Reveal correlations between personas and geographic locations for enhanced market insights.
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Engineered for Precise Insights.

Where people spend time is a strong indicator of their interests, habits, and intentions. Our data collection, cleaning, and processing system enables us to uncover preferences for entire populations.

This robust methodology lets you conduct analyses based on real-world, geolocalized movement data.

The process is simple:

Data Collecting
Data Cleaning & Processing
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Data Aggregation
We aggregate data from multiple sources of real-world mobility data.
Signal Processing
We use advanced algorithms to filter out noise, focusing on actual visits.
Visitation Mapping
We apply machine learning models to attribute meaningful visits to POIs.
Behavioral Analysis
We uncover patterns based on visit frequency, identifying visitation trends.
Geoprofile Construction
We craft profiles based on POI interactions, providing insights into consumer habits and preferences.
Insight Application
Based on the segments identified, you leverage insights to inform initiatives.

Actionable Use Cases.

GeoPersona is indispensable across industries. Whether you need to target specific locations accurately, enhance targeting precision, optimize ad spend, or devise a strategy for expanding your market, we provide the tools that eliminate guesswork.

Improve Targeting Precision
Upgrade your audience segmentation accuracy by unlocking real-life visitation patterns - a true indicator of purchase intent.
Plan Your Next Ad Campaign
Utilize postal code-level data to run target ads in chosen locations where your target audience is most likely to be found.
Boost ROI on Ad Spend
Improve CTR and conversion rates by targeting ads only to the most relevant locations and audiences, maximizing ad spend efficiency.
Target Your ICP Where They Are
Identify postal codes with characteristics similar to your most profitable segments, informing strategic market penetration decisions.

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"We've been through a thorough sanity check process to select our POI data provider and Echo Analytics's got it all!

We are extremely happy with this partnership as their data is as good as their service: really premium!"
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Nicolas Saraiva

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