Quality Building Footprint Data.

Gain an acute understanding of a place, and its interaction with the geography around it. Echo’s building footprints are available for POIs worldwide.

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Building Footprints Without The Blurred Edges or Cut Polygons.

We use satellite imagery, image recognition, and human verification to define precise boundaries of any commercial location, globally.

Get accurate geospatial insights with attributes like complete address details, shape type, and area square meter
Understand your surroundings at a highly granular level
Location data powered by machine learning and satellite imagery

Give Spatial Context to POIs.

Clustered buildings, cut polygons, and shape irregularities are frequent complexities that plague building polygons. At Echo, we do the heavy lifting, so you can save time and money, and innovate faster.

Our engineers have worked extensively to effectively decrease noise on polygon borders, and eliminate irregularities, creating the most precise building footprint datasets.

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Actionable Use Cases.

Shapes equips businesses in any sector with a powerful 2D digital map and visual polygons, offering data-driven analysis and insights for strategic decision-making and precision.

Identify Building Footprints
We transform satellite data into powerful visuals of the physical world around you, allowing you to effectively assess what types of structures are in your area of interest.
Enhance Resource Management
Minimize the costs associated with manual data annotation with our scalable solution on any geography and automated infrastructure monitoring.
Enrich Your POI Data
Beyond the granular data of POIs, visualize objects and assess risks based on the types of POIs in a given area, revealing a fuller picture of the world around you.
Expand Your Business
Choose new store or warehouse locations that meet your business needs according to what surrounds locales.

Resource Library.

Enrich Your Shapes Data With Our Other Products.

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Explore the “who” behind the “what” to appeal to multiple industry needs.
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Understand consumer activity & unlock evolving market demands.
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Say goodbye to inefficient segmentation methods and embrace a better way to uncover audience insights.
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Location SDK
Optimize your mobile app with a highly accurate, battery efficient SDK.

Reliability features built in, including offline tracking, always-on tracking, and mock location prevention.
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Make Better Decisions with Echo.

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