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Leverage location intelligence and mobility insights to target the right audience at the right location. Optimize ad spend, and ensure a higher campaign ROI.

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Heatmap of neighborhoods showing demand sensing
Demand Sensing

Generate Consumer Demand

Gain insights into the neighborhoods your target audiences spend time, and launch campaigns in areas where your desired audiences already exist.

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Location-Based Marketing

Drive Store Traffic

Send location-based promotions through geofence alerts to target consumers. Boost engagement, loyalty, and driving foot traffic to specific store locations.

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Map showing a point of interest being analyzed with marketing results
Map showing performance of a POI with footfall and visits
Footfall Attribution

Optimize Your Ad Strategies

Combine datasets to location SDK data for a comprehensive analysis of foot traffic. Understand user behavior, and optimize advertising strategies accordingly.

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Market Intelligence

Measure Campaign Effectiveness

Utilize geolocation data when attributing conversions and engagement to specific campaigns, channels, or touchpoints, optimizing ROI.

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Map with billboard performance based on location

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"We've been through a thorough sanity check process to select our POI data provider and Echo Analytics's got it all!

We are extremely happy with this partnership as their data is as good as their service: really premium!"
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Nicolas Saraiva

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