Echo's datasets help analyze consumer journeys, develop competitive intelligence, and optimize site selections, enabling proactive companies to outperform the competition.

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Map showing different points with store locations both belonging to the company, and the competitor points
Site Selection

Identify the Best Store Locations

Our datasets let retailers identify optimal locations for new stores through foot traffic patterns and consumer demographics.

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Location-Based Marketing

Drive Customer Loyalty

Send location-based promotions through geofence alerts to target consumers in the right place at the right time. Boost engagement, loyalty, and driving foot traffic to specific store locations.

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Map showing 2 POIs with analysis of foot traffic and visitors
Market Intelligence

Outsmart Your Competition

Understand competitor foot traffic, turn strategic insights into market dynamics, identify growth opportunities, and get ahead of the competition.

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Customer Segmentation & Targeting

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Leverage our datasets to zoom in on consumer behavior, personalizing experiences and enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

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Map showing lease renegotiation with a POI and its analysis on visitors and foot traffic
Lease Renegotiation

Win Your Lease Renegotiation

Gain a competitive edge when renegotiating your lease. With insights into foot traffic, layered with your store performance, secure favorable lease terms that align with your business goals.

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The Best Decisions are Made With Echo.

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"We needed POI data that was as granular as possible, regularly updated, and with detailed categorization, that allowed us to build vertical-level solutions.

We have run multiple successful POCs with clients using the data from Echo Analytics for OOH campaigns. 10%+ of all our campaigns have used activation strategies using POI level data since we launched the data last month"
Vidya Ravisundar Senior Product  Manager
Vidya Ravisundar
Senior Product Manager

Make Better Decisions with Echo.

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