Site Selection.

Make confident decisions about your next store location with Echo’s datasets. Overcome challenges associated with identifying and evaluating potential store locations and select prime sites that align with your strategic objectives and drive revenue.

site selection recording showing market share and population share captured by Action stores in Toulouse
Selecting Action’s optimal store location

Leverage Echo’s datasets to make a confident decision about where to open your next store.

Footfall attribution data helps supermarket chains like Action to understand passers-by and the potential for foot traffic to their stores.

Analyze areas where the population density is the highest, all while having the highest number of supermarket shoppers.

Select Lucrative Sites
Our footfall data lets you analyze foot traffic, demographics, and competitor presence to evaluate the potential of a site.
Remove Site Selection Guesswork
Uncover where your target audience is most likely to be, their interests, and their brand preferences, with real-world mobility data powered by footfall and GeoPersona data.
Gain A Competitive Advantage
Utilize detailed POI data to pinpoint the exact locations of your competitors. Have a complete understanding of the retail landscape and insight into the type of stores in a given area.
Industries we specialize in.

Explore how our products and use cases can be used across the different industries we specialize in. If you have any questions about these industries and what we can do with them feel free to get in touch and we can schedule a call and blablabla.

The Best Decisions are Made with Echo.

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"We needed POI data that was as granular as possible, regularly updated, and with detailed categorization, that allowed us to build vertical-level solutions.

We have run multiple successful POCs with clients using the data from Echo Analytics for OOH campaigns. 10%+ of all our campaigns have used activation strategies using POI level data since we launched the data last month"
Vidya Ravisundar Senior Product  Manager
Vidya Ravisundar
Senior Product Manager

Make Better Decisions with Echo.

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