Demand Sensing.

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Eliminate supply chain guesswork with customer demand sensing powered by Echo’s precise geospatial data. Use POS foot traffic, customer demographics, consumption patterns, and competition to make customer-centric decisions. Beyond this, gain insights into the neighborhoods where your target audiences spend time and utilize mobility patterns to launch campaigns in desired areas.

map showing the market share index of fitness lovers in toulouse
Locating Basic-Fit customers

Echo’s mobility data helps companies determine where the highest concentration of their target audience is and make strategic decisions accordingly.

Our mobility data allows gym chains like Basic-Fit to target fitness lovers in Toulouse, France, concentrating their marketing efforts to denser areas to maximize conversion or determining how much staff to hire for different days.

Optimize Supply Chain
Utilize Echo’s precise geospatial data to accurate sense customer demand and optimize your supply chain. By analyzing POS foot traffic, customer demographics, preferences, and competition, you can make proactive, customer-centric decisions to ensure the right products are available at the right time and place.
Localize Marketing Campaigns
Gain insights into neighborhoods where target audiences frequent. Mobility patterns enables you to launch campaigns in areas where desired audiences exist.
Make Customer-Centric Decisions
Leverage Echo’s datasets to make customer-centric decisions beyond POS optimization. By analyzing datasets like foot traffic, demographics, and interests, you can understand customer behavior and preferences cohesively.
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"Unlike other solutions that merely provide raw data or aggregated information at a broad level, Echo stands out by offering a unique approach.

It allowed us to delve deeper, describing how individual shops and businesses attract people, thereby providing a detailed geographic view of the commerce-driven population."
Jaime Nieves
Data & Location Services Manager

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