POI Data on Worldwide Commercial Locations.

Simplify your access to clean, precise, and verified business information on the locations of your choice. Lead proactive changes. Innovate faster.

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Points of Interest
Brands & Companies
Branded POIs
Countries & Territories
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Empower Your Business With Insight-ready POI Data.

To put it simply, without geospatial data, businesses run blind. Companies that want to work smart and efficient rely on location intelligence to better understand their environment.
Access to millions of real world POIs
Complete with attributes like names, addresses, categories, and opening hours
Focus on commercial and branded POIs

Reliable and Complete POI Datasets.

Our point of interest attributes are aggregated from various sources to ensure comprehensive data coverage. The aim is to deliver the highest quality POIs with no missing information.
We aggregate data from a variety of sources to ensure reliability
The data goes through an enrichment process to complete any missing attributes
Attributes conform to NAICS categorization
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Actionable Use Cases.

Places provides you with global, accessible POI datasets, offering precise locations enriched with comprehensive details, including brands, opening hours, industry, normalized addresses, and more.

Bridge data silos and elevate your analyses with our Places datasets.

Simplify Your Data Access
With 66m+ global POIs, Echo provides  clean, precise, and updated business information on the locations of your choice.
Identify Best Store Locations
Pinpoint prime store locations that align with target customers, maximizing reach and engagement for optimal performance and customer satisfaction.
Quantify Halo & Cannibalization
Examine demographic buying patterns to align with your supply plan. Strategically balance new and existing store locations for optimal performance.
Gain a Competitive Advantage
Understand competitor foot traffic, translate strategic insights into market dynamics, and identify growth opportunities.

Resource Library.

Places Documentation

Are you curious to know more about Places and how our data processes work? Head over to our documentation and explore!
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Places Data Schema

Are you curious to know more about Places and how our data processes work? Head over to our documentation and explore!
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The Best Decisions are Made with Echo.

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"We needed POI data that was as granular as possible, regularly updated, and with detailed categorization, that allowed us to build vertical-level solutions.

We have run multiple successful POCs with clients using the data from Echo Analytics for OOH campaigns. 10%+ of all our campaigns have used activation strategies using POI level data since we launched the data last month"
Vidya Ravisundar Senior Product  Manager
Vidya Ravisundar
Senior Product Manager

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Make Better Decisions with Echo.

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