Market Intelligence.

Stay ahead of the curve by employing geolocation and geospatial data for market intelligence. With Echo’s accurate, reliable, and scalable datasets, fill gaps in knowledge and leapfrog the competition. Gain valuable market insights and optimizing your business strategies.

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Leveraging location intelligence for Whole Foods

Market intelligence groups all of the relevant data Echo can provide for a single POI.

Whole Foods has access to data like footfall, visits, median dwell time, and many more, giving them valuable insights on the state of the market and allowing them to make informed decisions about the future of their business.

Intelligence about competitors is also available, allowing Whole Foods to gain a competitive advantage.

Gather Competitive Intel
Understand competitor foot traffic, and turn strategic insights into market dynamics, identifying growth opportunities and driving preference for your brand.
Measure Campaign Effectiveness
Utilize geolocation data when attributing conversions and engagement to specific campaigns, channels, or touch points. Optimize ROI and plan future campaigns with real-world mobility patterns.
Extend Your Market Reach
Analyze consumer behavior and preferences in different regions within a country. Identify new market opportunities and assess the competitive landscape for strategic expansion.
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Explore how our products and use cases can be used across the different industries we specialize in. If you have any questions about these industries and what we can do with them feel free to get in touch and we can schedule a call and blablabla.

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"We've been through a thorough sanity check process to select our POI data provider and Echo Analytics's got it all!

We are extremely happy with this partnership as their data is as good as their service: really premium!"
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Nicolas Saraiva

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