Echo's data supports consulting firms on a diverse array of projects, ensuring impactful solutions for clients from market research to competitive analysis and growth opportunities.

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Site Selection

Identify Optimal Locations

Echo's data provides precise insights for optimal location decisions, including competitor proximity and field sales team placement.

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Customer Segmentation & Targeting

Employ In-depth Insights on Target Audiences

Utilize GeoPersona to uncover rich consumer insights, and better understand target audiences with real-world mobility data.

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location based marketing
Location-Based Marketing

Elevate the Customer Experience to New Heights

Optimize companies’ customer experience with location data, enhancing online and on-premise experiences. Help foster loyalty, and give your clients a competitive advantage.

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Market Intelligence

Comprehensive Market Visibility

Offer insight on store locations, consumer mobility patterns, footfall trends, and brand tracking for analysis and expansion strategies.

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The Best Decisions are Made With Echo.

"Unlike other solutions that merely provide raw data or aggregated information at a broad level, Echo stands out by offering a unique approach.

It allowed us to delve deeper, describing how individual shops and businesses attract people, thereby providing a detailed geographic view of the commerce-driven population."
Jaime Nieves
Data & Location Services Manager

Make Better Decisions with Echo.

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