Customer Segmentation & Targeting.

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Boost marketing efforts by segmenting customers based on behavior, preferences, and location. Use GeoPersona for location insights and foot traffic analysis to identify high-potential areas, targeting campaigns to improve engagement, and loyalty with precise segmentation.

Map showing hotspots around New York City to understand customer segmentation and targeting
Placing Wendy's next ad campaign

This map shows the population distribution of hotspots around New York City where fast-food lovers are located.

Using mobility data from people visiting fast-food restaurants and other relevant POIs, we can create a target group.

These hotspots highlight to Wendy's where their target customers are, efficiently targeting audiences where they are most likely to be and maximizing campaign ROI.

Pinpoint Target Audiences
Utilize behavior, preference, and location data to segment customers accurately. Implement personalized marketing campaigns tailored to engage prospective customers and foster loyalty among existing ones.
Apply Expansion Strategies
Use foot traffic analyses to identify high-potential areas with dense customer engagement for store expansion or targeted marketing efforts. With visit frequency, dwell time and cross-visitation data, you can strategically plan expansions and marketing plans.
Enhance Customer Insight
Employ comprehensive datasets to uncover insights into customer behavior and mobility patterns. Segment and target relevant customers effectively, boosting marketing efforts and driving business growth.
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"We needed POI data that was as granular as possible, regularly updated, and with detailed categorization, that allowed us to build vertical-level solutions.

We have run multiple successful POCs with clients using the data from Echo Analytics for OOH campaigns. 10%+ of all our campaigns have used activation strategies using POI level data since we launched the data last month"
Vidya Ravisundar Senior Product  Manager
Vidya Ravisundar
Senior Product Manager

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