Data Analytics.

Improve predictive analyses, streamline decision-making, and increase consulting efficiency. Drive smarter business outcomes in less time and with fewer resources.

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Echo uses multiple sources of data to ensure data quality

Leverage Verified Data

Echo’s business information and consumer mobility data is fully verified. Reliably measure, track, and compare the competitive landscape around any location of interest.

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Market Intelligence

Boost Performance

Measure the performance of marketing campaigns, track sales trends, and assess customer engagement metrics with geolocation data.

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Echo combines first and third party data to help you make better decisions

Make Better Decisions

Integrate location SDK data to reinforce decisions around market expansion, resource allocation, and business strategy optimization.

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The Best Decisions are Made With Echo.

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"We're working with a number of sports teams and their stadiums, several major baseball and basketball teams here in North America.

We’ve used both Echo POI and Mobility data to service that, especially in Canada. There’s only one baseball team in the country in the professional leagues. So you can guess who we’re working with."
Asif Khan Founder and CEO Groundlevel Insights
Asif Khan
Founder & CEO

Make Better Decisions with Echo.

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