Lease Renegotiation.

Secure favorable lease terms aligned with your business goals backed up by Echo’s location data. With foot traffic insights, demographics, and competitive benchmarking, optimize cost-effectiveness and demonstrate growth potential, supporting your lease renegotiation efforts effectively.

Map showing different H3s with different levels of footfall and visits to determine lease prices
Helping Gucci win their lease renegotiation

Here we see the ranking of which hexagons have the highest total number of visits from target customers.

This data informs Gucci on footfall, giving them leverage when negotiating their lease with information they might not otherwise have.

Being prepared with this data means they have the potential to move the store to a better performing location.

Negotiate With Confidence
Utilize Echo’s comprehensive datasets, including historical foot traffic, demographics, and competitive benchmarking, entering into lease renegotiations with accurate knowledge and a competitive edge.
Make Data-Backed Decisions
Leverage Echo’s data to demonstrate the long-term viability and growth potential of store locations during lease renegotiations. With compelling evidence from accurate foot traffic insights, showcase your store’s performance and potential.
Drive Profitability
With a full overview of your standing, including the gaps in knowledge filled by Echo’s data, businesses can negotiate lease terms that support growth objectives and drive profitability over the long term.
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"Unlike other solutions that merely provide raw data or aggregated information at a broad level, Echo stands out by offering a unique approach.

It allowed us to delve deeper, describing how individual shops and businesses attract people, thereby providing a detailed geographic view of the commerce-driven population."
Jaime Nieves
Data & Location Services Manager

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