Echo Insights.

We are already working with another data provider, how difficult is it to switch?

We offer a hassle free switch from your existing provider. 
Also, with Echo, you can effortlessly integrate Echo datasets into your existing ones. Keep your taxonomies, get new POIs!

I can create my own data set of POIs using the free Open Street Map. Why do I need you?

Yes, OSM is a free source. However, do consider the hidden costs in dealing with the data overwhelm and making data usable: your lost time and spent resources.At Echo, we do the heavy lifting so you get clean and updated datathat’s curated, quality-checked, and deduplicated, preventing any data vandalism often incurred with OSM.

How do you manage existing data bias, and how does your data accurately represent diverse populations or perpetuate existing biases and inequalities?

We understand the biases & inequalities most datasets face and how that makes it difficult for companies to gain meaningful insights. To counter this, we at Echo have some of the smartest people in the field to work on these challenges. We carefully select and correct our data sources to ensure that they represent the population, are consistent, trustworthy, and provide enough samples to remain statistically significant.

We can't use the data without visualization, what are your solutions?

At Echo, data is our focus.
100% of our resources are invested in creating reliable data products, not visualizations. This helps us keep delivering the best possible data quality.
However, Echo has numerous partnerships (both paid and unpaid) so our clients can get the visualization they need in seconds.