Displayce’s DOOH Campaigns Powered by Echo’s POI Data

Displayce becomes the first DOOH DSP to integrate Echo Analytics’ premium library of points of interest (POI).

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July 8, 2024

[Paris, France] We are delighted to announce that Displayce, the leading European Demand-Side Platform (DSP) for programmatic digital-out-of-home (DOOH), has chosen Echo Analytics as its geospatial data provider. Displayce becomes the first DOOH DSP to integrate Echo Analytics’ premium library of points of interest (POI). This strategic move will enable Displayce users to utilize location intelligence for better-targeted and contextualized DOOH campaigns.

What is Displayce?

Displayce is a pioneering DSP for digital-out-of-home, helping companies optimize their branding campaigns and effectively reach their audiences with content-centric marketing.

Their programmatic purchasing platform bridges brands and outdoor advertising spaces that reach the right consumers at the right time.
Key features include:

  • Geo-target screens and context: Their platform allows brands to manage their panel advertisements based on audience data, geolocation, POIs, and environment context. 
  • Adaptive video ads in real-time: Brands can tailor their on-screen content based on various data feeds such as the time of day, weather, shopping trends, sports results, and more. 
  • Performance monitoring and KPIs: Performance monitoring and brand lift: Brands can visualize data to monitor key KPIs like delivery and impressions but also DOOH ad impact on brand visibility or consideration.
  • Premium and global scale: Displayce offers a programmatic inventory of more than 1 million digital screens in premium locations worldwide, offering a global supply footprint. 

Harnessing the power of Echo POI Data

Displayce’s access to our comprehensive PII-free database including Places, Shapes, and Catchment Area, will give agencies and advertisers access to premium location capabilities from over 70 million up-to-date POIs of renowned brands across global industries. 

Optimizing Drive-to-Store Strategies with Catchment Area 

Brands and agencies using the Displayce DOOH DSP can find all relevant POIs to optimize their drive-to-store strategies. With Catchment Area, they’ll be able to do more than just target point of interest locations. 

The geographical zones around the POIs are used to decode customer behavior and mobility, optimize ROI, and target the right audience. A Catchment Area analysis reveals customer origins, penetration rates, and location performance. 

What does that entail? Brands and advertisers will have increased accurate audience targeting reflected through true customer behavior. It’s precision targeting for optimized conversion efforts.

"Providing accurate and comprehensive POI data is strategic for Displayce's activity," shares Laure Malergue, CEO and co-founder at Displayce.
"Location-based advertising is a crucial topic in our market and while there are open source solutions and brands that provide their own POI data, industrializing the approach requires a reliable partner. Approximately 70% of our campaigns have a geolocation component. To upgrade the standard of our data points and ensure trustworthiness, we needed a third-party partner rather than relying solely on open-source solutions. Echo Analytics met our requirements and standards."

DOOH Campaigns With a Competitive Edge

Displayce users can now run DOOH campaigns using competitor POIs and foot traffic insights. The integration of Echo’s PII-free geolocation data gives advertisers strategic insight for out-muscling competitors. Advertisers can tailor campaigns around key POSs (points of sales) on DOOH screens based on competitor POIs and foot their consumer foot traffic.

The Impact: Gain market share, target competitors’ POS, and take advantage of growth opportunities. 

With POI and foot traffic insights, Displayce users can run precise and highly contextualized DOOH campaigns that will reach the right audience at the right place while allowing them to grow their market share.  

The Future of DOOH Is Geolocation Data

The integration of geolocation data onto the Displayce platform speaks to the value, quality, and scope of location-based advertising:

“The future of DOOH will happen with PII-free geolocation data. Brands need to know where, when, and how they invest their budget; we're thrilled to be part of this transformative experience. Working with Displayce demonstrates the increasing importance of precise and reliable data for location-based advertising and the shift from open-source solutions. We look forward to supporting the success of their platform,” said Adam Ejsmont, COO and co-founder at Echo Analytics. 

Displayce is the first DOOH DSP to integrate Echo’s data, which now offers an unparalleled advantage for brands who want to get more from their campaigns; decoding customer behavior, leveraging competitor intelligence, greater market penetration, and a boost in ROI.
We are excited to support the Displayce platform and help advertisers create deeper connections with their customers like never before. 

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