Echo Analytics Partners with Snowflake: Geospatial Data on the Marketplace

Selected samples of our geospatial datasets are available on the Snowflake marketplace, giving clients insight into how Echo's datasets serve business needs.

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April 8, 2024


Snowflake client now have access to geospatial data insight samples on the Snowflake marketplace. Clients will be able to see how Echo's datasets serve particular business needs such as; demand forecasting, real world data, foot traffic analytics, supply chain, location planning, location data enrichment, and 360-customer viewership. 


Echo Analytics Partners with Snowflake: Geospatial Data on the Marketplace

Echo Analytics is proud to announce its partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company.

Echo is partnering with Snowflake to offer enhanced accessibility and efficiency to clients. Echo’s location intelligence solutions including commercial POIs and foot traffic data are now available on Snowflake’s Marketplace for clients, providing an added layer of accessibility and efficiency.  

Now you can unlock hidden geospatial insights and understand the physical world around you better, all on your preferred data platform. 

Let’s delve into the details.

The Power of Snowflake

Snowflake is known worldwide for its cloud computing-based storage and analytics being unparalleled. Its innovative approach revolutionizes how organizations harness and analyze data, helping businesses make informed decisions and unlocking hidden insights. 

With Echo's offerings seamlessly integrated into Snowflake's platform, clients can delve deeper into understanding the physical world around them with enhanced efficiency.

Unlocking Geospatial Insights

This partnership empowers clients to unlock location insights within their datasets. They’ll be able to delve into the granularities by accessing millions of global POIs with pinpoint accuracy. This opportunity allows Snowflake clients to gain a complete understanding of their operations and customers through geospatial insights. 

Accessibility and Efficiency

Echo's presence on Snowflake's Marketplace enhances accessibility and efficiency for clients across various industries. Now, businesses can seamlessly integrate Echo's solutions into their preferred data platform, streamlining processes and maximizing productivity.

Diverse Industry Applications

Echo's solutions cater to a diverse range of industries, including advertising and media, retail and CPG, technology, finance, and more. From optimizing marketing strategies to refining supply chain management, Echo's offerings transcend industry boundaries, delivering tangible results.

Echo Analytics's Geospatial Products and Services

Clients will have the chance to explore Echo's extensive portfolio of geospatial products and services available on the Snowflake marketplace. Select samples are curated for verification, showcasing the transformative capabilities of Echo's solutions in action. Moreover, they’ll be able to see how they serve particular business needs such as; demand forecasting, real world data, foot traffic analytics, supply chain, location planning, location data enrichment, and 360-customer viewership. 

Examples include:

Foot Traffic Analysis of Lidl Stores in Paris and London

Discover the foot traffic analysis of Lidl stores in Paris and London to see how aggregated mobile location data is tied to points of interest visits. This dataset includes information such as visits, dwell time, and cross-visitation to other brands and categories of locations.

Retail Catchment Area for Target Stores in New York

Get an idea of how catchment area analysis works by accessing the sample of the retail catchment area for Target stores in Brooklyn, New York. Beyond POI attributes, this dataset includes information such as visits, dwell time, aggregated home and work locations of visitors, and custom polygons. Vital information that helps show a real world view of both historical and present movement patterns of POI visits. 

Retail Categories of POIs in Europe

See a snippet of the retail categories of POIs in Europe to understand commercial points of interests and their attributes. This includes opening hours, lat/long, complete address, website, parent organization, and more.

Community Engagement

Another advantage of this partnership is the chance to join a community of like-minded data enthusiasts on Snowflake. Connecting with peers, sharing insights, and being part of a network that thrives on collaboration. It’s a space that drives innovation and collective growth. 

This partnership heralds an exciting next phase for data analytics. With Echo on Snowflake, you get unparalleled accessibility, efficiency, and transformative insights. Businesses can navigate today's complex landscape with confidence.

If you’d like to learn more about this partnership and what we do at Echo Analytics, reach out for more information. You can find Echo's products and services on the Snowflake Marketplace right here. Start Supercharging your data strategy, and discover, build, and innovate with Echo Analytics on Snowflake!

Marc Kranendonk
Content Manager
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