How Esri seamlessly integrated mobility data into their user’s GIS workflows

As leaders in geospatial systems, Esri knew the importance of high-quality data in solving complex problems. Bad data is worse than no data at all. Facing an integration challenge at Esri España, they turned to Echo Analytics for the perfect solution.

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"Our challenge was to find mobility data that seamlessly integrates with our users' GIS workflows. Echo Analytics, which provides a database of businesses and stores enriched with mobility analysis, was the ideal solution."
Jaime Neves
Data & Location Services

The global leader in GIS software

Esri is a global leader in geographic information system (GIS) software, location intelligence, and mapping. Established in 1969 in California, USA, their software is now used by more than 350,000 institutions worldwide.

Powered by Echo spatial data, Esri delivers cutting-edge solutions for businesses across multiple industries, offering clients detailed analyses of pedestrian traffic near key commercial areas, the ability to understand and visualize the movement patterns of tourists within urban areas, and tools to assess the impacts of retail and commercial entities on pedestrian flows.

A need to integrate high-quality mobility data into GIS workflows

Esri, a pioneer in geospatial technology, consistently highlights the significance of quality data in addressing complex challenges. 

The challenge at Esri España: integrating high-quality mobility data into GIS workflows seamlessly. By partnering with Echo Analytics, they found the ideal solution.Echo’s enriched mobility database transformed Esri's approach, empowering users with the essential data to make impactful, informed decisions.

The search for more valuable understanding of data

Esri chose Echo Analytics for its unique approach to data analysis:
While traditional data services often deliver raw or broadly aggregated information, Echo Analytics is known for providing a more nuanced and insightful perspective. This allows for deeper understanding and more actionable insights from the data.

"Unlike other solutions that merely provide raw data or aggregated information at a broad level, Echo Analytics allowed us to delve deeper. Describing how individual shops and businesses attract people, thereby providing a detailed geographic view of the commerce-driven population."

Echo Data in Action: Powering Esri Solutions for Urban and Tourist Insights

Our partnership with Esri has empowered them to substantially improve the geospatial solutions they offer to clients in diverse sectors, especially in urban planning and tourism. This collaboration has enabled more precise and effective applications of GIS technology, directly benefiting their clients’ strategic initiatives.

Tourism Analytics:

Assess pedestrian traffic in relation to businesses and stores, including variations in foot traffic throughout the year, helping businesses adapt to seasonal fluctuations.

Mapping Tourist Routes:

Understand how tourists and visitors move through the city, informing better resource allocation and visitor experiences.

Data-Driven Urban Planning Insights:

Explore how businesses and retail locations shape pedestrian traffic. This can help inform projects related to low-emission zones, public transportation improvements, and urban redesign efforts.

Partnering for better decisions

Our collaboration with Esri underscores the vital role of reliable location intelligence in strategic decision-making. We empower Esri to transform data into actionable insights, addressing immediate needs and anticipating future trends. Together, we're setting new standards in geospatial intelligence.

Here’s what Esri had to say about our partnership:

"What we value most in our relationship with Echo Analytics is their professionalism, dedication to business growth, and flexibility in adapting to various requirements."