OCT 18- 19, 2023
Columbia University, New York, US
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OCT 18- 19, 2023 | Columbia University, New York, US

Join our team at SDSC 23, NEW YORK!

We're elated to announce that Echo Analytics is stepping into the spotlight (yet again) as a Gold Sponsor at SDSC New York 2023!

Join us this October, at the nexus of innovation, to discover how we're the secret fuel propelling innovative businesses into the future.

Get ready to explore a world of cutting-edge insights and groundbreaking solutions!

Event Highlight.

Step into a world of innovation as we join forces with National CineMedia.

Experience the transformative journey of cinema advertising by leveraging geospatial data, going from complexity to clarity and efficiency.

Learn how Echo’s clean, actionable, and ready-to-use datasets (read: ease of integration and zero data overwhelm) have become the rocket fuel driving National CineMedia's groundbreaking strides in the field!  

But that's not all.

Dive deep with Kadir Karakus, our Head of Data, in a hands-on workshop to go from data to decisive action!

Tackle real-world challenges, working on Python, Geopandas, and a Jupyter notebook, to master the art of decision science with Echo's unique mobility data.

Overcome technical hurdles, decode customer behavior, and unlock a game-changing perspective for your business!

This October, feel the momentum, join the conversation, and witness innovation in action.  

Ready to turn data into action for accelerated results?

Secure your spot, and let’s craft the future together!

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Why Echo?

Raw, unprocessed data requires a lot of work from data science teams to be usable.
At Echo, we do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

We aggregate terabytes of up-to-date data into light & powerful data files, so you have meticulously clean, verified, and updated location intelligence data on any area of your choice, ready to conduct robust catchment area analyzes to land the best possible new locations.

  1. Access ready-to-use geospatial data, prepped for insights.
  2. Effortlessly integrate Echo datasets into your existing ones.
  3. Enjoy a hassle-free switch from a different provider.

Our data is non-PII and GDPR-compliant by design.

Expand Your Reach. Opt for Quality. Skip to Insights.

Adam Ejsmont
Co-Founder & COO
Amanda Jaramillo
Sr. Director Data Partnerships
Alma Grabowski
Head of North American Sales
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