Uncover Mobility Trends in Your Consumers' Journey.

Employ Echo’s mobility data to analyze the latest trends and mobility patterns. Decode customer journeys, measure visitor frequencies, and map your competitive landscape.

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Measure Footfall Around POIs.

Access to accurate foot traffic data empowers businesses to stay competitive and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Make informed decisions about store strategy and resource allocation.

Analyze foot traffic in store locations to inform strategy, marketing, and resource allocation
Identify high-traffic areas for expansion and assess location performance
Target specific audiences with tailored marketing efforts

Analyze Cross Visitation to Physical Locations.

Interested to see customer visits at competitor locations? Our cross-visitation data reveals insights weekly, monthly, and quarterly. Track unique visits, analyze preferences, and strengthen customer loyalty.

Track unique visits, analyze preferences, and strengthen customer loyalty
Uncover customer visits to competitor locations
Top 10 brands or categories most frequented by visitors to a POI
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Actionable Use Cases.

Activity enables you to utilize human mobility data to enrich your analyses, offering aggregated historical data for deeper insights. Explore footfall, visit patterns, catchment areas, and geo segments with Activity to gain full viewership of your customers and target audience.

Optimize Your Point of Sale
Utilize POI foot traffic data to identify the busiest areas, avoid cannibalization from your competitors to drive operational efficiencies and identify opportunities to grow.
Measure Campaign ROI
Leverage geolocation data to attribute conversions and engagement to specific campaigns, channels, or touchpoints maximizing ROI.
Refine Marketing Budgets
Optimize your marketing strategy by targeting where your audience spends their time to reach the highest conversion rate possible for the lowest budget possible.
Boost Location Profitability
Understand your customers’ cross-visitation patterns, and discover your true catchment area based on where your visitors' home and work locations and more to make the most of your location.

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The Best Decisions are Made with Echo.

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"We're working with a number of sports teams and their stadiums, several major baseball and basketball teams here in North America.

We’ve used both Echo POI and Mobility data to service that, especially in Canada. There’s only one baseball team in the country in the professional leagues. So you can guess who we’re working with."
Asif Khan Founder and CEO Groundlevel Insights
Asif Khan
Founder & CEO

Enrich Your Activity Data With Our Other Products.

Contextualize 57M+ global locations with critical defining attributes like brand, category, full address, and opening hours, to name a few.

Explore the “who” behind the “what” to appeal to multiple industry needs.
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Leverage satellite imagery & machine learning to understand your surroundings to a granular level.

Construct a full unobstructed view with no blurred edges to define the most precise boundaries of any location.
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With real-world mobility data, GeoPersona is setting a new standard for audience segmentation.

Say goodbye to inefficient segmentation methods and embrace a better way to uncover audience insights.
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Location SDK
Optimize your mobile app with a highly accurate, battery efficient SDK.

Reliability features built in, including offline tracking, always-on tracking, and mock location prevention.
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