Footfall Attribution.

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Analyze foot traffic patterns to inform store strategy, marketing, and resource allocation. GeoPersona provides sociodemographic and affinity data. Use footfall data to identify high-traffic areas, assess existing locations, and target specific audiences, enhancing competitiveness and customer experiences.

Footfall map showing different levels of visits and footfall around POIs
Identifying high-performing Target stores

Looking at five Target stores in New York City, we see the density of visitors and the conversion rates for each store. The higher the hexagon is, the more total visitors there are; the darker the color, the higher the conversion rate.

We observe the differences in the percentage of the footfall certain stores capture and turn into visits.

This gives companies like Target insights into the highest performing stores.

Optimize Store Strategy
Utilize foot traffic patterns to make informed store strategy decisions, including store openings, closures, and relocations. Tailor marketing campaigns and allocate resources effectively to maximize on-site store performance.
Identify Expansion Opportunities
Identify high-traffic areas for potential expansion. Analyze foot traffic patterns to assess the viability of new locations and make informed decisions about where to open new stores to capture untapped market potential.
Enhance Customer Experience
Assess accurate foot traffic data to tailor marketing efforts and enhance customer experiences. With the sociodemographic and affinity data from GeoPersona, you can target specific audiences with personalized campaigns.
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"We're working with a number of sports teams and their stadiums, several major baseball and basketball teams here in North America.

We’ve used both Echo POI and Mobility data to service that, especially in Canada. There’s only one baseball team in the country in the professional leagues. So you can guess who we’re working with."
Asif Khan Founder and CEO Groundlevel Insights
Asif Khan
Founder & CEO

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